Last updated Feb 15, 2014

Editing Rules


  • Do not add unneeded categories like "Cars" * or "Vehicles" because it's obvious they're cars.

  • Do not add unneeded sentences like "This character is cool" or "This character is my fave <3". Do that in the comments.

  • Do not spam pages (e.g. Lightning McQueen is a dfhkgstrfauiageftuaeifbgasuz).


  • Add a good description about the character and all known whereabouts about the character.

  • Add useful categories like "Main Characters" or "Cars 2".

  • If you want, add a description of why you edited in the "Edit Summary" box.

Other Info

  • If the page doesn't have an infobox, feel free to add one. But make sure it is correct; example:

Chuck "Choke" Cables
12484322834 3d329d807a c
Chuck Cables


RSNFinal Lap

* Category "Cars" could refer to the movie.

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